Introducing the YoyoJam DEJA VU!!!


(Quotes added to clarify he got this from elsewhere - jhb8426)


You’re not directly affiliated with Yoyojam are you?


Im tight with a few players, but no. I am in no way shape or form sponsored by them.


I am let down by this.

I was hoping for a WOOD body yoyo with modern insides but metal where it was needed for weight and altering distribution.

Without knowing more, this just looks like a wood veneered metal.


Looks cool. I loved the Jamboo though. I wish this were real wood but I understand their reasons for changing it.


Yeah id prefer it be more natural as well. it looks a bit to glossy. Ill be getting this yoyo regardless.


Yeah, I was also hoping for a wooden body yoyo. who knows maybe this thing will play like a beast.

(SR) #8


This looks like a complete disappointment to me.


Man, YYJ have been coming out with a lot of new stuff recently.


There’s nothing wrong with the axle system of the original jamboo. The probable cause of any issues with that yoyo are due to the variations in the wood density/properties, and those are more than likely overcome by the aluminum rims which no doubt make up the majority of the weight. Frankly, mine plays just fine.


It disappoints me that its not actual wood but on the other hand these colored ones look amazing. Looks like it would be a good pocket throw!


They all look kinda disgusting…

I think they all look ugly besides the plastic coated ones :-\


Those are YYJ Synthesis.


Maybe it’s just the picture that sets me off about these.

Good idea, doubt I’d get one before trying it.