JD Unleashes the ENEME - All NEW Metal YoYoJAM...

Sorry this is late but I wanted to make sure this got over here too:

That’s right folks, I’m dropping a new yoyo at worlds - the ENEME, I CAD’ed this one myself and went underground to have this prototyped, then mixed it up, collaborated with YoYoJAM & Dale Bell’s engineering genius and now we have what I would consider a metal yoyo by YoYoJAM, DESIGNED FOR THE PLAYER… BY THE PLAYER…

Their will be approximately 100 of the ENEME’s (OR LESS) available at worlds at our booth, I’ve stacked this with some really “interesting” things too… Wink photos are under wraps… but see me at worlds or stop by the YYJ booth to take it for a spin…

Think… over-tweaked metal Xconvict for sick play…



Holy crud… IT’S JD!!! ;D :smiley: ::slight_smile: :o :slight_smile: ::slight_smile: :o ;D :slight_smile:

Yay, another metal yoyo ;D ;D


Ouch. Online for 2 minutes.


Will it be out in stores after worlds or just at worlds?

I highly doubt that a company like YYJ would make a yoyo that’s sold nowhere but worlds. You had the Synergy, but then that was just a proto.

Sounds awesome! Can’t wait to see it!



When I saw the title, I wasn’t expacting JD to have started it.

Welcome to the forums.

And thet yoyo sounds interesting.

And a piece of poop from what I’ve heard

That was funny. Anyways… what’s so bad about it?

Vibe, difficulty to cmplete actual string tricks, stuff like that.

ya i knew all ready but i thought he was joking. i have the email and everything. i thought he was joking. ill have it up in a sec.

Here’s the email he sent as a reply.

Metal… well let’s just say I have something up my sleeves :), I will
tell you that I’m well trained in 3d industrial design… hehe.

Anyway I really appreciate your email, hope to meet you at a contest one day.


C’mon, man, I know you are excited, but that is no reason to spam.

And to JD: Welcome to the YoYoExpert forums. The ENEME sounds great.

It took too much energy to keep the rims spinning so sleep times were terrible

I went ahead and found the wieght and all that stuff. ;D