YYJ Eneme?


Was the Eneme just a Worlds release or will it eventually come out some where else, I think its an all metal X-vict, right, I love the vict and I want to try the Eneme!

(JM) #2

The Eneme is scheduled to be released in assorted colors eventually. I never got a solid date out of YYJ at worlds.

JD says that they will be a continually produced yo-yo based on demand. Considering they sold most of them in the span of three days, they will be back.

If you are expecting just an all metal X-ConVict, you will be slightly suprised. It is very similar in fell, but the shape is much, much more rounded.

I had the opportunity to play one at worlds, and it was simply awesome!


Hey JM. Did you ever get to play with an agape at worlds?

(JM) #4

Nope, I didn’t even know you were there! I was only in Orlando on Friday, so I had to fit a lot into only a few hours.

I am looking forward to your first release though, and I was thinking I would send you my Frantic like we talked about and have you ship an extra yo-yo back with it (after due payment for both of course). ;D

(Eleazar) #5

Its already out on some other sites.

(JM) #6

Negative, those are leftovers from worlds.

(Eleazar) #7



I wasn’t there but my yoyo was with Doug from Big Brother. He let anyone play with it for me. He said he got nothing but great responses. I’m stoked!

Let me get my first run complete and we will do business.

(JM) #9

Sounds like a plan.


Of course the eneme came out on YYN but it was sold out last time i checked.

It looks sweet and yes it is a metal X-convict


(JM) #11