how is the Eneme?

How is the eneme? I’ve found 2 reviews on it.
good rim weight? (by the looks of it, the rims must have a lot of weight)

Even though it’s a metal, I think that it still plays plastic-y…

My score: Meh/10

Yeah that was my thought when I saw pics: major rim weight. However, I got to play one last month at MAR, and it’s sort of the opposite that’s true. The reason it looks so weighty is that the rims kinda flare in for a massive IRG lip (at least, that’s why I’d guess the lip is there). It actually plays really light, unfortunately. It almost feels hollow if that makes any sense. I can’t say anything about the stability or the grinds because I didn’t get to try it for too long, but my overall first impressions of the yoyo weren’t good. I would not really recommend it.

However, if you’re looking to try an all-metal YYJ, go for the Axiom. It rocks. :slight_smile:

Seriously? All the eneme reviews i heard was good before this. O_O The hollow one would be the Meteor, isn’t it? I still liked the Meteor though. It does feel FAST. :o

I second that