The Appreciation of Classical Music.


Lately I’ve fallen into musical rut, so I decided to check out some classical. Post your favorite classical songs!

Für Elise by Beethoven flows so incredibly well.


Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto always does it for me =)



This one is pretty good.


I know he can be considered either way, but Beethoven I’ve always viewed as more of a romantic period composer. At the very least, he ushered it in. Tchaikovsky is certain romantic and not classic…but that said, has always struck me as a composer of program music with a keen ear for melody. Not a favorite. While I don’t mind hearing Tchaikovsky…it’s often very catchy…it’s kinda like the pop music of the period for me.

That said…my interest in orchestral music has waned over the last fifteen years or so. It’s one of those things that was much more interesting when I was involved as a choral singer. I hope to get back to it…but I just don’t have the attention span now.

ps. Oy, that was the most self indulgent post I’ve ever made. Just terrible. I’m going to go hide under a rock for a while now.


I’m not sure how to post vids, but my fav classical song as of right now is Antonin Dvorak’s (I think that’s how you spell it) 9th new world symphony. I was playing it for an orchestra group and I totally loved it.


Ok, to actually contribute:

Still hurts my brain it’s so good.



For a student of music, that is probably technically correct. But for us unwashed, Baroque, Classical and Romantic are what we term “classical”.

That said, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos are 2 of my favorites.


Oh, I know jhb8426.  I’m largely talking out of my backside.  It’s just one of those nights.  Definitely deserved to be called out on it.

So, in the spirit of genre bending…

Just blows my mind every time.

ps.  I think I’m just still bitter because Pajama Man gave My Bloody Valentine a 0/10 in the “rate the band” thread.




I honestly doubt this is in the right period and stuff but it sounds like classical so symphony of psalms by Stravinsky is awesome