Free Music?

You guys got any songs you like that are free? Share 'em with me and everyone.

I love finding free songs. C=

Download link in the description. (He’s got lots more songs that have free downloads as well.)
All the free music you could want…

Never knew you could even download any music off GroveShark.

I think this guys stuff is free.

This one is my personal favorite.

I’ve seen this guy didn’t know he had downloads. C=

Look up the band Team Teamwork. All of their stuff is for free on their website.
One of my favorite techno albums, just happens to be the season 6 soundtrack for Arby n the Chief.!!!

Some songs aren’t free on there but there is like 5 or so songs for free. C=

P.S. Thanks for the reboot (Even if it was a necro) has a lot of free downloads.

Both Tristam and Rogue are EDM artists. Nearly all of their music is free, although recently they’ve been doing the facebook like for download thing.




Ill throw some stuff out.

Foxamoore makes some of the most beautiful and professional sounding music ever. Each piece is so carefully crafted and you can feel real emotion in each work.
All songs in the submissions on the page.
If you are into hardcore/deathcore/metal stuff, Kyo has some intense work on his page. Even a few hardcore metal/dubstep crossovers which are incredible.
Amazing electronic stuff, House, dubstep, electronic genres. From very mellow to quick and wild, amazing sounds from this producer. Great stuff.
Rap and hip hop, from the heart, real stuff, real lyrics, not that mainstream trash. This guy’s legit.

All I got for now, maybe more later when I remember more, haha


East of Borneo

My friend Mike plays drums for them

Where I get all my music: