Music needed


On August 18th and 25th, I’ll be yoyoing for a friends concert. This will be the 2nd and 3rd time I’ve done it. I need music though. Any suggestions? I’d like it to be dubstep that’s not really hard. Last time I used rocksteady by the bloody beetroots. Any suggestions are greatly thanked!!

(Owen) #2

Xperiment 101- Break It Down (Rob’s Wire)


Can you put a link to it? I can’t seem to find it


Bump? .-.


Its on soundcloud.

While your there, check out Chase Hadden’s beats.

some good stuff on soundcloud…

(Shaneola) #6

Take a look at twenty one pilots… I think either Ode to Sleep or Trees would work well.


Take a look at some chillstep

Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) also comes to mind