The 1-5 condition system.

Well I thought this would be helpful in describing the condition of the yoyo in buying selling and trading.

Some people say that the yoyo is a “4” condition but some were confused on what that meant, And frankly, I don’t recall anyone ever saying what it was either.

So lets start this fresh and make a new system to say what condition your yoyo is in.


So its pretty basic, 1 being the worst condition, 5 being the best.

But what yoyos go into these sections?

Well lets look at it into more detail.


5 is a yoyo that is in very good condition, flawless, hardly played or kept well cared.
Minty mint.
Maybe even has the original box!
Like this 888.

4 yoyos are nice condition yoyos, probably the most common number of yoyo you will find.
4’s are near mint but maybe have some fading metal, or very very light scuffs or tiny light ding.
This L3 is a good example

3 yoyos are ok yoyos.
They still play very well but might have some light dings.
Nothing that will affect play, just maybe wont look as fresh and nice as a 5 or 4.
This 888 is another great example.

2 yoyos are very dinged, there might be a vibe, the true “beater” yoyo.
Good for practicing 5A or something to carry around daily without fear of damaging it.
these 2 yoyos are good examples. The skyline more so then the b grade 888.

1 yoyos you don’t see to often.
They have a very bad vibe, large deep dings, maybe a broken bearing seat, yoyos usually dont reach this condition unless under extreme cases.
Here is a perfect example.

And this damaged m1.

No words…

So anyways, hope this is helpful for you guys in the selling trading buying business!
Follow the guide and you will have no problems describing the condition of your yoyos.

Have many good sales and trades!



wow,very helpful,nice job!

I see you got the 1 pics from the “Pics of dinged up yoyos” thread on YoYoNation :wink:

Also, very nice Yuuki Quake :slight_smile:

Nice! Just like the Shock Scale over at theyo.

What happened to the 1, and 0?

0 - something to do with fire, I don’t quite remember.

1 - Lots of Walk the Dogs? 4A over concrete?

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hey, I have played that M1.
plays awsome!

bump,its a great post and will help with trading!

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This is not a trade thread. This is just showing a system you can use in your own threads to describe the condition of a yo-yo.

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