Hedgehog Concepts B/S/T


;D Welcome this B/S/T was first made on 05/11/2014. ;D

Selling/Trading Rules for Me

Star Rating:
This is the rating for how easily I will trade a yo-yo or item.
From *---- to *****
1 star meaning I will probably trade anything decent that is offered. 2 meaning I want something fair for it. 3 meaning I want something good for it little less, to equal value. 4 meaning I want something great for it, equal to slightly greater value. 5 meaning I will most likely keep it unless I get a sweet deal.

Condition Grading (From nicest to worse)
MIB-NT (Mint in box, not thrown)
Near Mint (May be because of the age of the yoyo, or one ding/pinprick)
Okay (Has from 3 to 10 dings and flaws)
Banged (11-15 dings)
Beaten (16+ dings)

Feel free to ask me for more picture, but don’t waste time. Please make an offer before you request more pictures.

No “Classics”
Unfortunately, I will more than likely NOT accept trades if you offer “classic” yo-yo’s. (i.e. Wooden Duncan Imperial, Wooden Duncan Butterfly, etc.)

Multiple Yo-Yo Policy
Lastly, don’t make offers like this below,
2 F.A.S.T. 201’s, and a Velocity. For a shutter.
Yes they are the same price, but I want a yoyo I can use that isn’t for beginners. :-\

My Yo-Yos Up For Sale/Trade!
Prices include shipping & PayPal tax.
If stated that something is busy, I can add it on if I have it on hand. :wink:

??? Free Add-on onto another yoyo you buy or want to trade (Beaten/Messed With) -----
Have no idea what this yoyo is, it doesn’t play well either. No bearing. :confused:

RecRev Neuae B-Grade (Okay) $26 **—
Has six dings and a pinprick, plays nice for a small yoyo, but it doesn’t really suit my style.

YYF OneStar Paul Han Edition No-Caps (Okay) $8 or possibly add-on to a yoyo you buy/trade **—
I kind of like this yoyo but it tilts a lot. No bearing, bearing seat chipped but doesn’t affect play.

YYF MVP (Possibly) (Okay, lots of scratches) $45 **— (Signed by Vashek Kroutil but smudged. :()
I only like this yoyo because one, it was signed by one of my favorite yoyoers, and two it plays nicely. Willing to give it away though. :confused: No Bearing or Response

YYJ Cerberus (Near mint) $40 **— (Signed by Yoshi Mikamoto)
I actually like this yoyo, it’s pretty good. Just don’t like the vibe it has when I throw it.

C3 Speedaholic (Near Mint) $10 **—
I really really like this yoyo, but they are easy for me to find. :stuck_out_tongue: No Bearing.

hspin Envy #564 (The heavier one) (Near mint with flat marks) $64 ****-
I madly love this yoyo, but sometimes people make dope offers. :stuck_out_tongue: Response worn and one halve doesn’t have response.

Werrd Tré $76 (Near Mint, tarnished) ****-
One of my mains right now. Really really love this yoyo. It will be hard to get this from me. >:( :stuck_out_tongue:

CLYW/OD Wooly Markmont (Near Near Mint, supportive oxidization) $90 ****-
Love hate relationship with this yoyo, but I expect a lot for it. I still really like this yoyo but it’s hard for me to do some tricks on it. Smoooooth.

That money kid! -Jensen K

Diffusion (The new one, I have the old one and it broke)

888s (2007, 8, or 9; 888.1; Any Special Ed 888)
Grind Machine (The Metal ones, not the GM themed genesis either.)
DNA (Can be mutant)


Any One Drop

Offers (Be fair. ^^)


I’m suppose to receive a Northern Lights Puffin 2 today. :smiley: