Did I confuse anyone??? (And bonus Question)

Erm… you know how I was saying I didn’t like the genesis and all… I just noticed my fav. yoyo is the genesis, if you look to the left. I left it there for the sake of this post. ;D Anyone got confused?

So anyways, even though it says that, it’s not, I forgot how to change it. :stuck_out_tongue: It should be a bassalope.

And also, for the question, it’s this. There’s a thread. I think it’s on YYN, maybe not. Someone posted a way to rate yoyos. 5 was mint, 4 was few dings… etc, and 0 was a yoyo that was melted. Anyone remember?? I really wanna see it for some reason… maybe just to see it… (I make sense right?)

I believe you’re thinking of the Shock scale from Theyo:

Go to profile then on the left hand side there is a bar that says modify profile under that there is a link that says forum profile information click on that.

REALLY CLOSE… but it had pictures :stuck_out_tongue: