f s/t: 3yo3 ceephax

ok so…
I have a limited edition superstar with jensen kimmitt style artwork. I will admit that this is not mint, and it is probably not near-mint either. its got 1 big ding, 1 smaller one, and a few tiny scratches. on a scale of 1 to 10 of condition, I would rate a 6-7. but, on the bright side, there is no vibe, and it plays smoothly. willing to sell for about 80 USD.

I also have a Opaque blue Yoyojam dark magic II. there are many tiny scratches of the rims, but only 1 big ding (shown in picture). on a scale of 1 to 10 of condition, this would be a 5-6. It has a small amount of vibe, which is felt on a sleeper but not really on fast-moving tricks. also, one side cap has a hole in it from trying to get it out with no suction cup. 20 USD. traded!

there is a red-orange yoyojam equinox that I will be willing to part with. It is an offstring yoyo, so it has a ton of rim damage, but it doesent make a difference for 4a. scale of 1 to 10: its probably a 3. since it costs 40 dollars new, I will sell this one for 20 USD.

the next yoyo up for sale is a red sunset trajectory NXG. this yoyo is one of my favorite loopers. it has no dings or marks on the rims. it has an array of tiny scratches on the caps that do not affect play. On the same scale that I have been using, it would be a 9, possibly 9.5. since they no longer make this yoyo (to my knowledge), I will sell it for 15 USD.


the last yoyo to sell is a 3yo3 Ceephax rainbow dye. there are no dings, but on the sides there are a ton of tiny scratches that can only be seen when light is reflecting directly on it (shown in pics). it is a size C bearing with the thin hat-pad response. unlike most of the others, this yoyo is near-mint. on a scale of 1 to 10, it would get a 8-9.

photos of all yoyos can be found here:

offers might be accepted

*all prices include shipping, unless you do not live in the USA. If you don’t, you pay the shipping cost.

also can put a stainless steel kk bearing in there. (pre-cleaned)

how bout $95 for it

i added a pic of irg fading at the same link as above.




huge change! 2 other yoyos added! other things too.

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