PM me for anything regarding info, shipping, offers, trades

For Sale:

$280-rso silver bullet
has little scratches along the rims
comes with box and contents

$80-c3yoyodesign bth
no engraving, little marks and scratches all around the body

$30-tk no jive
nice condition
comes with tk accessories

$100-clyw gorge
mint, black color

$80-art garrett
mint, little nicks
half clear and brown

$100-g2 respawn
mint barely played
comes with box
no damage

$40-core co ???
2 large damage spots
still spins nice

For Trade/FS:

$30-plastic peak
half white and yellow
never played,comes with box

$100-mystery yoyo
big aluminum yoyo with caps
i forget what yoyo this is

offer-antiyo ywet
nickel plated
1 scar

offer-tp hinemosu
small scars on rim
mint, smooth

$30-od deepstate
half grey and clear
very little damage (pictured)

$80-hs creep
mint no damage
has box

$30-savedeath hat
cool yoyo hat
good condition

Crucial/delrin yoyos
ILYY Trvth
tom kuhn sb2(cool colors)

mfd lesula


The bth at 220g gonna break something. Make whoever buys it sign a liability waver. Lol

I want it so bad lolll

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Same but Iā€™m also spent lol

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I kinda want it just so i can throw it, put it on a post near my bed and fall asleep to the IRL ASMR

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Hey there, any vibe on the hinemosu?

lil string vibe


Have you sent my package out yet?


Got my yoyo today all looks good.

Sergio is good to deal with.trustworthy fellow