The 0A Thread (Fixed Axle & Modern Responsive)

He makes others… Spinworthys just spin so well, and yet respond so nicely. The newer ones seem to lean a bit more to the response side, but still spin long.

I recently posted vids to my IG of me getting 10 boings out of a Harbinger, and doing a Cold Fusion variation with a Ballsy. Both yoyos are still great for Shoot the Moon, stalls, and Loops. Well, the Ballsy takes some practice to loop, but I can do them on it now.


You’ve got some skills!


Been wanting to find a Hildy Bros excited to grab this beautiful Azalea. I dont know if I just got a random good deal but found it for $20 and I still can’t fathom how these could possibly go for that cheap for a well made screw apart model


so I just purchased a deeper state from the latest one drop- drop…
and the more I think about it, the more afraid I am I’m gonna bash my face open. a metal responsive is asking for trouble from me. anytime I almost bash myself its with a responsive yoyo. we will see I guess.