The 0A Thread (Fixed Axle & Modern Responsive)

I often like to mess around with one-handed play to see what I can do within that limitation. Or maybe it’s just my lazy one-hand-in-a-pocket style. :smile: Regardless, here’s one I find myself doing often. Always satisfying to land.


new trick - “Ghost Trap”

Happy Fixed Axle Friday!


That’s awesome! Question… are you standing in front of a green screen?

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Thank you! :pray: No green screen, I thought it looked that way too :man_shrugging:. If I ever get a green screen you will know for sure cause I’ll be throwing in space :ringer_planet::sparkles:


A true master.

That first thing you did with the bloodcell was genius. So awesome dude. You make it look so easy too!


Thanks for the kind words, brother! :facepunch: :bowing_man:t2:


New to the hobby and just started looking at 0a…wow!! I’m totally falling in love with how rad cool it looks! The stalls, and regens and restarts (sry if my terminology is off) look amazing. Is there a difference between plastic and wood aside from aesthetic and feel preference? Is there anything in particular i should consider when looking for my first dedicated 0a throw? I have a yyf whip thats responsive as well as a rcs yonami code that came with a slim bearing and shorter axel that i can swap in, but it’s al, and super wide (48mm). Thanks for any info!


High wall wood throws are a bit lighter and don’t beat you up so bad, wood seems to be more forgiving and not bounce around as much.


For 0a, you’re going to want a fixie. You can do it with a bearing throw but fixed axle will definitely be better for learning most 0a tricks. There’s plenty of options out there. It’s mostly down to preference, like you said. I like plastic because it’s cheap, but nothing beats a high quality wood fixie.

Duncan butterfly is an excellent 0a option and can be found for 3 dollars, often at big chain stores, especially around the holidays.

A good wooden fixie can be slightly harder to come by, but not impossible. I believe yoyofactory has a wooden fixie, relatively affordable, but for the most part, expect to pay a more premium price for high quality wood. I highly recommend spinworthy. They can be a little elusive but Glen has been turning them out pretty regularly as of late. Keep your eyes on the bst.



Grab a Duncan Butterfly to start.

Wood Fixie if you come across one.

As stated High wall and fairly narrow compared to modern throws.

You can play 0A with Modern Responsive yoyos as well. Same criteria.

Keeping asking questions!


0A = Modern Responsive & Fixed Axle

0A used to be what looping was designated long ago. Then it was classified as 2A. As fixed axle and responsive playing became more popular again 0A was used again to describe this style. I think the 2nd or 3rd post here Ed has a link to his blog with more explanation on all of this :slightly_smiling_face:


new trick “Dolphin Flip” - like the dolphin flip in skateboarding that’s half kickflip + half vertical flip, this is half kickflip + half mindbender stall-icide


I wanted to share some tricks I’ve been pretty happy with recently.

Fixed axle on the ZGRT El Mijo



Truly a mindbender! :exploding_head:

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A little Drew Tetz combo, Ed Haponik’s “Spankflip”, a couple other tricks, a Dolphin Flip, and an LFO.

Happy Fixed Axle Friday!


:rotating_light:PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT:rotating_light:
Hey there 0A friends, I feel that it is important to share that @edhaponik will be dropping a run of new old-stock vintage No Jives that he has personally assembled and set up to his standards from parts provided by Brad and Tom. This has been a passion project over the last few months and he will finally be dropping them this week (as early as tomorrow) on the insta account “@edsnojives”.

Edit: Some of these are already live.

If you are interested in having a No Jive, this is your best bet for getting one from its prime years. I wanted to let everyone know before they are gone so that fellow fixie heads don’t miss out. The No Jive remains one of the best fixies out there, it is so versatile, a stall machine, and a high performer when it comes to flips and varials. It certainly played a big role in Ed’s innovation of the style over the years.


I’d be interested to know whom on here is grabbing one. Of course I know those of us on the fixie discord who got one.


I am!
It will be my first wooden plus I’m a big fan of Ed so I’m happy to get something he’s a part of.

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