That's Probably A Bad Idea


So We All Saw That Jason Guy On America’s Got Talent Doing Comedy Songs With His Guitar.

I Thought He Was Hilarious!

In The Episode Before The Semi Finals , He Sang A Song Called “That’s Probably A Bad Idea”. (With The Bearded Children)

I Made This Topic For People To Post Their Own “Bad Ideas”.

Feel Free To Give Your Opinion On Who Should Win Too.

If You Don’t Know What I’m Talking About , Then Go To Youtube And Type “Jason - America’s Got Talent”.

Ok , Let’s Start The Song!

“Running In A Bank With Clown Shoes And An AK 47 , That’s Probably A Bad Idea!”

Next Verse Goes To You Guys!


“Throwing an offsting yoyo at somebody’s face, thats probably a bad idea”

(M.DeV1) #3

hitting an atm in frustration, thats probably a bad idea


Posting about pony shipping in a music thread, that’s probably a bad idea.

(Raphael) #5


Not liking Punk music on this forum… Cough Phlegm Cough

Super Pizza: Delivered in a box made out of pizza, but the pizza is made out of cardboard!


pony pics at school= people thinking you are insane. thats probably a bad idea


Playing 2A on a crowded road, that’s probably a bad idea




Going into my room…thats a terrible idea… ;D

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #10

spending all your collage money on a catch 22…


Running up behind someone at an atm and saying got it and run away quickly after they enter their pin.Thats probably a bad idea


Depends on how you look at it… probably


Dousing a tennis ball with gasoline, lighting it on fire and playing catch in the house with it! That’s probably a bad idea


Holding a can of air upside down and spraying it into a candle, that’s probably a bad idea.


Trying to drink an entire can of coke in 1 minute or less, that’s probably a bad idea.


shaking a can of coke and opening it, thats probably a bad idea


singing while drinking, that’s probably a bad idea

(DOGS) #18

Saving only $400 for college, that’s probably a bad idea.


Spending $40,000 on a catch 22, that’s probably a bad idea.


punching a cop.
entering a bank and yelling, “This will only take a minute.”