That was close...

Well I was throwing my new supernova in my house. Well the floor in our basement is some really hard concreteish stuff. Then I throw it and land a gt and when I pop out it slams to the ground. I quickly pick it up and scan for dings. I got lucky. An no I’m not one of those people who really cared about dings, I don’t like them but having them doesn’t matter.

Have any of y’all had an experience like this?

P.s. Dang it’s hard to ding ano

Everyone has, everyone will.

That’s what I keep doing with my cascade. I just got it yesterday, but I really don’t care. The dragon slayer looks a lot better unscratched though. Haha

It’s happened to me several times.
The most memorable is when my Sleipnir collided with my tile floor. It was rather bittersweet; It put a small mark on the rim, but the sound was incredible. I’ve heard such an awesome sound.
It also chipped the tile it landed on.

My dv888 looks like it was in the demolition derby lol still my favorite throw regardless

That’s the one I give to people when they want to try yoyoing. It’s beat to you know what, and the vibe is ridiculous.

I was throwing my dark magic 2 over cement and the string decided to brake… It gave it SO many dings. I’ll never do that again

If it ever starts to effect play, the metal rings pop off with enough force and you can sand them. It also helps grinding.

I was doin some cray combo and I lightly hit a wall with my brand new Gnarwhal. It only got soem paint on it though, so i could just scape it off. So all is well.

My 54 hit my wood floor hard but nothing happened :0

Smacked the living schnutz out of my Avant Garde into our kitchen floor ceramic tiles. Ceramic is harder than anodized aluminum, so there were a few serious dings.

Twice was enough, even though I’m not obsessive about dings. Now when I play in the kitchen I do it over top of my son’s foam play mats. Not sure why I didn’t think of that after just the first ding. :wink:

Key word:Wood.

I think my worst was against a hit against a school locker, smudged the ano on both halves and dented the locker pretty bad

Ceiling fan. =(

When playing my yuuksta it had a knot and swung around and hit a screw on the side of my bed and gave it a small ding surprised though that I’ve hit my yuuksta on so many things

Dinged my brand new Puffin, but, meh.

I was throwing my Phenom over carpet in my hospital lobby, the string broke, it flew off my finger and hit the wall/ceiling, etc…I have it on video, it made amazing sounds!! Love the Phenom all the more now.

I play over tile a lot, so whenever the throw im using hits the the floor, I know for sure it’s gonna be dinged/scratched/pinpricked/flatspotted.

I don’t mind dings too much, especially because most of the time they don’t really effect play. If anything, getting it scratched and dinged up is more of a psychological thing, and you start looking for vibe where there is none, all because of a tiny little scratch… That’s what annoys me about these metals haha

The day I got a brand new mint clareview station bear vs man it decided to unscrew over concrete. I was listening to music so I didn’t hear it. I saw it unscrew and then everything went slow mo. I grabbed one side of it and the other side flew off. I literally dived for it and slid across the ground to get it. Luckily I caught it with my other hand seconds before it hit the ground. I was so lucky


Anyway, I just smacked a glass part of a fan, luckily it didn’t break. :slight_smile: