Hit the ground... But no ding?

So earlier today I was throwing my equilateral on a wood floor (silly me :P),
And missed a laceration really bad and ended up hitting my equilateral on the floor.
I was about to rage but realized that there was no mark/scratch at all…

Is it possible that even though it hit the floor while spInning it wouldn’t damage it at all?

Well if it didn’t happen obviously yes

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It’s more likely to damage the wood floor than the yoyo. So yes, it’s not only possible, but probable.

I’ve hardwood floors (albeit they’re quite thin) and I’ve hit multiple yoyos on it but I’ve never gotten any damage. It might not be as safe as carpet but I’m still pretty confident throwing over wood.

I’ve hit my marble countertop with my equilateral REALLY hard and it barely left a flat spot so I would think you’d have to pretty much throw it at a wooden floor to cause a ding.

There’s only few woods that “wood” damage metal. Especially a yoyo.
Friend had a dv888 swinging it around. String snapped and it flew right into a wooden fence. Nothing.

Something is only going to ding a yoyo if it is a rough surface like concrete, for me I have a laminate flooring it’s nice and smooth so it doesn’t leave dings, the only time I get damage is when I hit something on the floor really hard and it’s only flatspots.

I use a dinked up pop star and when ever I hit it it rips of part of the yoyo.

I’ve hit my yo-yo on the tile floors in my school, the only thing that was damaged was the floor.

Same. I throw over most anything pretty confidently because the small dings don’t bother me. But when it’s rough concrete on the roads to my house, it gashes up the throw. It’s not good. I just avoid certain tricks walking home haha.

I hit a Summit on a Walmart floor but it did nothing. There was this one time though, at my friend’s house I had a Catalyst that I dinged on his wood floor. At first it seemed like nothing, but then my friend GOT A UV LIGHT. He found this dent that was so discreet I could have passed it off as mint. I looked the other day and I couldn’t find it…

Yea that has happened more than once with my ac2


Yeah like others have said wood floor won’t likely damage your throws but sometimes you can even get lucky with other surfaces.

I was getting out of a truck and my Primo fell out of my pocket (3-4 feet) onto the asphalt, I was quite pleased to find not even a single pin prick.

My mom always get mad when I ding the wood floor LOLOLOL.

once I dropped my genesis on tile and cracked it my mom flipped haha


Is it just me or is pyramatte really fragile? I’ve tested it by tapping a code 2 against my wooden desk and there was a small flat spot where I tapped it.

Um wat

The harder substance will cause a ding to the softer, wood is softer than yo-yo so the wood will get damaged. If you hit a yo-yo against rock you’re way more likely to get a ding.

Also, don’t worry so much about dings =P

Lol Ty guys…
Hit it on the floor twice and nothin happened.
Hope I didn’t damage the floor…

Are you complaining? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yea, it is possible. less likely on concrete, though O.O