Could yoyos get dinged on wooden floor?..


Im quite sure plastics and bi-materials are more susceptible to internal structural damage, but what about solid metals especially 7075?
meh just gonna use my beat ironyjp. dont think wood flooring can do more damage than another yoyo in 3a
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Yes. 6061 dings very easily. Although my 7075 Shu-Ta has hit the floor multiple times, and there’s no damage on it. As for a titanium, like my Ricochet, you’ll have an easier time breaking the floor. :smiley:


Wood flooring is more forgiving than most other surfaces.


Agreed. Also, if it’s really nice wood floor, I would still be extra careful not to hit the floor and damage the actual wood… That can be real expensive to get fixed!


Hey guys, a bit off topic but I smacked my cyborg off my basement floor yesterday like 10 times, and a few of them were like “wrath of god” collisions but there is only 2 exposed dings and 1 long flat spot but it is made of 6061. The yyf page says the 6061 handled hits better than 7075 (maybe 3a hits??). Iwas actually shocked when i inspected it to find no damage after almost every hit.


More than likely you’ll put a ding in the floor rather than the yoyo, though there is the possibility of damaging the axle or bearing seat due to the impact.


My house is almost entirely wood flooring. Usually the flooring gets scuffed up before the yoyo does. I’ve hit the floor many times, 6061 or 7075 99% of the time survives when the wood doesn’t.


I have dinged a yoyo over a carpet. Thin carpet, yes. But carpet nonetheless. I have no doubt that a wood floor could cause a ding.