Will the yoyojam Fiesta scratch hardwood floor?

I have hardwood at my house and im scared the fiesta will scratch it

not on mine it doesnt.

i dont think its heavy enough to scratch it. It just skims over the top of hard surfaces.

mines bamboo

if it has polyerthane over the wood then it shouldnt

Whats polytherane?

its a layer that makes the floor shiny

My experience is that most yoyos, including metals will not mark a hardwood floor, under most circumstances. If you make a conscious effort, yes you can. On the other hand, if you hit the ceiling, expect to leave a mark, particularly if the yoyo is raw aluminum, or a YYJ metal rim yoyo.

I’ve hit my 888x on the floor dozens of times and i havent scratched it, so I doubt a fiesta would

I hit my Severe, and it didn’t leave a mark anywhere, or the throw. You’ll be fine, don’t worry.

Just got a green fiesta ! :slight_smile: ;D

Trust me it wont scratch, crack, ding etc.

Yoyos can take alot before they get dings/scratches

the floor is what he is worrying about

my fault. lack of reading lol anyways it shouldnt scratch your hardwood floor, but possibly if hit hard enough

Will the fiesta get scratched

it shouldn’t, unless the floor is really rough.

k good