Metal durability

So I just got my first metal yoyo DV888 which is really, really great. However, as I was trying to do a different kind of sleeper I smashed the floor couple times. Has there been any damage to my yoyo? How much metal yoyos can take hits before they go fubar? Is the axle the only thing that can be damaged? There are some wobbling in my some of my throws but maybe it’s just my throws.

To see if vibe is your throw or the yoyo, throw it and then hold it up and put your thumb or finger nail to it. If it smoothens out, it’s just your throw. If it continues to be vibey, it’s the yoyo, in which case you might have bent the axle, but probably not. Do you see any marks on the yoyo? Are you on carpet at least?

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Yeah, it stops when I touch the yoyo. No marks on the yoyo and yes here’s a carpet.

Then it’s just your throw. No need to worry about hitting it so many times and having it just randomly implode or something.

if you play it on carpet, you would have to practicly have to try and hit it to give it vibe :wink:

You will get scratches on your yoyo I learned that with my Metal Zero 2 and i cut myself throwin it so be careful and the Dv888 is to awesome to hit on the floor and what color do you have I have RED

Puncuation is your freind. :slight_smile:


I have blue DV888, I think it’s the smoothest and most relaxing color along with gold.

there manly they culd take some hits