Do softer yoyos exist?

Okay so I’m an adult beginner, I’ve bought one metal Yoyo ( DV888 ) and two plastic yoyos ( Spinstar LED + Loop720 ).

The thing is, metal is too hard for me because I already hurt a finger quite badly with it (got a bruise). Plastic is OK but long-lasting playing sessions start to hurt quite a lot in the end.

Maybe it’s because I like to wake my yoyos when they have quite a lot of velocity remaining.

It’s possible that I didn’t search hard enough but I would like to know if there are yoyos that have some sort of coating in silicone or that are made of softer plastic.

I’d like to avoid gloves if possible.


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It’s not really a performance throw but the Duncan Hayabusa has rubber rims. It should be decent for the majority of tricks if you’re still starting out. Later on you can even use it for 4a which is what it was designed for.


I haven’t thrown a ton of yoyos, but when I read this the Recess First Base came to mind. It performs nicely at a lower weight and can be responsive or unresponsive. Even though it still has plenty of zip left when I tug/bind, it usually does hit the hand rather softly. My two cents anyway.


Let me guess… was it the DV888? :boom::boxing_glove:


Look into Henrys Viper yoyos.


The Alleycat 650b is 16g lighter, it’s the only metal responsive I have but it’s great.

You could probably find one for resale on the forum if you look for a bit.

Jeff, you are Totally right about the DV888.

I will never forget the day I last threw mine around.

I was doing some off-string with the DV888. I launched it pretty darn high one evening.
I lost it in the shadows. It came down and Slammed into me at full force.

I remember waking up in the Intensive Care Unit.

I had: a concussion, compressed spinal column, fractured skull, 2 broken arms, a dislocated shoulder, 4 broken ribs, internal bleeding, a sprained ankle and blurred vision.

The Police wrote a report. The report stated the DV888 was logged in as a Deadly Weapon.

I am fully recovered now, of course. But seriously, that Hospital stay was the longest 4 years of my existence.

It was the saddest time of my life.


Wow that’s the only one that seems to be soft enough since it’s made of rubber.

Very cool recommendation.

Thanks for that!


Also just found the Yomega Xodus II which has a rubber-made body.


It sounds like you might need to adjust your throw and catch rather than change your yoyo. Think as the catch as a docking procedure in space. If the hand is moving towards the yoyo at the same time that the yoyo is moving towards the hand you get a much harder impact. If the hand is moving, say up, at the same time the yoyo is moving up, with the yoyo moving faster and catching up to the hand, it is a much easier impact.


Well done!..

No go ahead and lose it even quicker than you found it.


The DV888 straight out the box is the yoyo equivalent of a cantankerous, bitter old man that hates children.

It is likely just a case of adjusting how hard you throw with a metal yoyo. They have an awfully powerful spin, so if you are used to throwing transaxle or fixed axle yoyos years ago, the power transfer and retention is a lot gtreater with metal. Throw more gently and you will get my used to metal yoyos. I was quite scared of throwing metal when I first started.


Some refer to this as extreme yoyoing, and for good reason. One can expect some bruises now and again if one is trying to learn new elements and tricks. It goes along with the territory, IMHO.

Wait. I believed every bit of that until the police were mentioned.


I don’t hate the DV888 but would not recommend it for responsive because it comes with those thick pads that make it SUPER responsive and can really hurt your hand bones. I switched to thin pads and a concave bearing. When you are ready to start playing unresponsive you can do this as well even though there are $10 options that will serve you 100x better. A $6 Butterfly XT will serve you better for responsive and it will not hurt.


I used one of these for a bit. Odd yoyo but I managed to have some serious fun with it.


took me awhile but i finally dug out my Henry Viper & Lizard. As i recall you can get an axle upgrade which does improve spin, also its a twist adjust. so can be responsive or nearly non responsive with places inbetween. And yes it has rubber outside rims so cushions abit. I only use mine very occasionally when someone reminds me of there existance. So perhaps i should try more

Turning Point Ensemble is meant for 3A (to mitigate 3A “clanking”)

I think this would work well for you considering there wouldn’t be a lack of performance + a nice rubber rim to help soften the blow if it ever comes into contact with your hands


Seconded on the Henry’s Viper recommendation. It is a fun throw if you can get past it being enormous.

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Crazy ideas here:

Throw less aggressively. If you have that much spin left, you’re probably working on tricks that don’t require that hard of a throw

Wait longer to return. Do more tricks or do repeat attempts so there’s not as much spin when you return.

Throw a bit less aggressively and practice your return technique until you’re at the point you can catch effectively regardless of spin level.