That snap...


When you pull really hard on a magic knot.

It’s music, really.


Brings tears to my eyes.


Its the thing that keeps me strong when times are hard…



(DOGS) #5

I prefer those dings that ring like a tuning fork but yeah magic knots are pretty darn okay.


You mean like a Ti Walker to the shin? Music to my ears.

(Owen) #7

The sound of 7075 yoyos dinging? Magical.

And the smell of a beadblasted yoyo smacking into the ground.

(DOGS) #8

Burnt ano is literally the best smell ever.


I like the sound the yoyo makes when you bind. if it wasn’t there, it’d feel weird.


The feeling of a messed up bind…

The sensation of landing that trick…

The emotion of accidentally hitting your friend in the face…


The ding sound is a bad sound lol.

Anyway, tut to the magic knot? is that the one where you snap and it drops? Sorry, a couple things come to mind


I love the magic knot snap. It’s so crisp. Pure beauty.




I like the DONK of hitting my brother on the head…

(DOGS) #15

The squeal of an original Dark Magic.

(SR) #16

The spin of the hubstacks after you bind.


That slow-mo moment when you’re grinding, the world stops, and all sound is gone.


the sound of your favorite throw hitting a marble table in a room full of silent people… perfection


I’ve never hit a marble table, but I have hit wooden ones.


That smexy sound of YYJ Hybrid response Yoyos, with Clean bearings without Lube…AW, YEAH!