That moment at work when you finally have some free time to throw


and realize that in your haste of leaving to be on time, you left your yoyo on the counter. >_<

lets have a moment of silence for all the forgotten yoyos.


Could be worse. Could have forgotten string.


Or have no job


Indeed! ;D


This reminds me. I gave away my “workplace” backup yoyo (a YYJ Chaser)… I need something else to be my backup yoyo at work. Maybe a Surge will fit the bill!


Go for it! The Surge is the best plastic I’ve ever thrown feels very similar to a metal. I recieved mine today and it makes me want to sell some of my metals to get more…


Stop. You’re making me anxious for mine to arrive.


You should be anxious it is very good…


That has happened to me a handful of times, and every time it happens my co-workers are shocked. The kidos are also disappointed because Mr. Alex can’t make shapes with the string for them that day.

It really is strange forgetting a yoyo. Makes me feel naked.


This is why I leave a few throws at work.