advice on a backup yoyo


I’m still very green at this. I only got my first modern yoyo (after 25 years of no play) about 4 weeks ago. It was an M1 (orange) and I loved throwing it from the start. It seems so natural in my hand, but of course I have no other frame of reference. I chose the M1 because it always seemed to get positive reviews, and I didn’t want to spend huge amounts if I ended up not liking the sport (hobby? whatever). Needless to say, I loved it right away.

A few days ago I ripped a pad in my M1 and while waiting for a new set to arrive, I find my self getting antsy to throw. For the last few weeks I’ve nearly always had the thing in my hand, it’s been my default activity when I’m thinking at work, or doing anything else that doesn’t require me to be sitting down. Friends and coworkers have gotten used to hold conversations with me while I throw. Now of course, I can’t throw my M1 until I replace my pads (I like unresponsive, but not THAT unresponsive).

I’d like to pick up a backup yoyo to throw when my main is out of service like this. What I’d like is something completely different from the M1 I’ve been throwing, so that I get a better idea of what’s available, and so that any bad habits in my throw isn’t being covered by the M1. Reading up on these forums and other places, I’m considering a Grind Machine. Am I likely to be disappointed by the GM2 v2 or is there perhaps another model that I should consider? I’d like to keep the cost down, and I’m not particularly picky, but I’d like a yoyo that won’t frustrate me. Any recommendations?


I would recommend going to Toys R Us and getting a Freehand or something like that. Mainly I’m recommending getting a plastic. It’ll help get your throw better, stronger and straighter.

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I suppose you want a low-maintenance yoyo. If so, a Freehand isn’t your best bet with all the friction stickers and such. Try getting a double O-ring yoyo like a Lyn Fury, Hitman or X-ConVict.


I’ve heard great things about the new PGM. If you wanted to keep the cost down I suggest a Legacy or a Die Nasty which is basicly a Plastic Grind Machine without hubstacks. Or you could go with about any yoyojam plastic.

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First, welcome to the forums!

As far as a “back-up” throw goes, you really have tons of options. I see that you are worried about being disappointed with other yo-yos, and sometimes that will just happen. However, each time that I have thrown a yo-yo around and decided that it’s not for me, it has always come down to the same thing: I just didn’t like the way it felt on my hand or on the string. There aren’t very many yo-yos on the market today that don’t perform, you should see what [noembed]Brett can do[/noembed] with a Lyn Fury. It’s all going to come down to your preferences.

Since the M1 was your first yo-yo, I would imagine that you don’t really know what you’re going to prefer. With that in mind, here are some low cost throws that are for the most part unresponsive out of the box. In my experience, they are all amazing players.

Under $20
YYF DIE-NASTY super smooth, AWESOME value
YYJ Lyn Fury most come responsive, but they can be set up unresponsive

Under $30
YYJ Legacy My Favorite. Plastic. Ever.
YYF Plastic Grind Machine v2 hubstacks are FUN
YYF Counter Attack truly a very impressive yo-yo

the best yoyo

Thanks to all that replied. I’ve decided I’ll probably pick up a legacy, PGM, and Lyn Fury just for the hell of it.


I jus ordered a legacy today and i will tell what i think of it when it arives on thursday, I have a dark magic and i think because that was my first proper yoyo, “i have high standards in yoyos” i don;t really want to buy anything that will be worse than my dark magic but if it is only a yoyo that you will use when your M1 is out of action then you should be fine with some the yoyos suggested by JM. I haven’t played with them but recentley i have looked at the reviews on them and I have heard nothing but good things about. If it were me choosing I would go for the leagcy but the main thing to remember is to have fun and also any of those yoyo you will get I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Well I can tell you that if you bought those three then you should be happy for a long time. Like JM, the legacy is my favorite plastic to date. I’ve been throwing for over 5 years and YYJ finally hit the sweet spot in a yoyo. The PGM is also good but I’m not a fan of the shape. The Lyn is just the best beginner yoyo made. The reason is that this yoyo can grow with you. There are some guy’s out there that could win worlds with a lyn so it must be good eh? lol


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Definitly Legacy. ;D :wink: ;D :wink:



Dude, you forgot about the speedmaker, it is a great backup OR main in my opinion and its just $16. but if he was just looking for a beginner throw than forget i said any thing.

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Not a big speedmaker fan, so that’s why I didn’t recommend it.


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