That awkward moment

hey guys this is a post about moments that are really awkward so ill start

That awkward moment when your playing mw3 and you get killed by a level 1 :’(

hehe ok now start replying ;D

XDDDDD XD XD that was funny sry lol

that awkward moment when you cant find the V


when your playing football and there is a penalty call for 12 men on the field and your that twelfth guy

when your playing basebal land someone hits a walk of grand slam and your the pitcher

When people can’t seem to use “you’re” correctly.


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That awkward moment when the 80 odd yr old couple opposite you on the train start french kissing…this happened to me a few days ago and it wasnt just a little kiss they were at it for about 5 mins…

sorry mr. English teacher

When you ask a woman who when is the baby due and they say “I had it 6 months ago”