The "Im awesome" thread

Basically, we all have those moments in life where we may accidentally do something that ends up being insane and epic, or maybe attempt something impossible and by some weird reason, you actually end up doing it.

So this thread is to share those things.
e.g. a few weeks ago I randomly picked up a pen and dropped it point down on the table. Somehow and I really don’t get this, is landed and stood on the tip for a good 3 seconds or so. Keep in mind, it wasn’t stabbing into the table, it had literally landed at the absolute perfect balance point for a bit to stay right up on the point. And yes this was a standard everyday pen (Dr grip).

So yeah you get it, things weird like that that make you seem awesome (even though none of you are as awesome as me, so you mine as well not even try, deal with it.)

So yeah, continue, I dare you.


on time in football retrieved a fumble, i fumbled it, my friend got it and fumbled it again,then i got it and scored the winning touch down. we won 24-23

For someone so awesome, you have spelling mistakes…hehe, just kidding but yes you have awesomeness. Anyway, I tried the yoyo trick lasso to suicide GT, by mawlcom on youtube, and got it on the first try…no clue how but just did. Here it is and it is the last one on the video.

-my friend threw me a frisbee, it hit my head and flew right into the garbage can

I was biking the other day while it was wet on the ground, and I took a nasty spill, and slid and tumbled for quite a ways… I got up with hardly a scratch and laughed ;D

does catching a $150 calculator with your feet about half an inch above the ground count as awesome? because I did that today.

i did that once… with a $500 oxygen Ti

Lots of times when I go out to dinner or something I do something clumsy and knock over my drink but never spill it. I’ll catch it during mid fall all ninja style. One time I knocked my drink off the table and caught it with the same hand without spilling a drop. Have no idea how it happened but it did. True story.

I on accidently dropped an egg from about 3-4 feet, it hit the ground but didnt break. It wasnt hard boiled.

Lol hope it wasn’t spoiled or something XD

One time I went to pick up my spoon in a bowl of ice cream and some how I ended up hitting the end that was pointing out of the bowl causing it to fly in the air and do a 360 back flip then land back in the bowl where it originally was. My family just looked at the spoon…

i tried out for the baseball team at my college (D1 btw) with almost 100% certainty that i would not make it, just thought i’d go for the experience. i ended up making it. this happened 2 days ago and it hasnt even sunk in yet.

it probably landed right on one of the ends because the dome shape of the eggs make it pretty strong. i did a science fair project about this.

today in science we played this game with marbles and the girl next to me flicked a marble and it shot across the room and it landed in a random bowl.

Another time in homeroom my teacher needed a pencil so my friend threw a pencil to him and he caught it, by accident, in between his fingers.

my friend flicked a lit (cancer stick) and it landed perfectly in another of my friends mouth

Cancer stick lol :smiley: I really hope you mean candle stick

Is meeting a girls parents awesome enough??? It wasn’t easy…


congrats on making a D1 baseball team as a walk-on, that is awesome.

the tobacco kind lol