Accidental tricks?


What tricks have you accidentally done? I accidentally landed a triple Brent stole today while trying to do a triple laceration. I can’t even get a single Brent stole on command.


When I was doing a suicide I magically somehow got a green triangle… Weird

(Alex Fairhurst) #3

I bet you flipped when you landed that Brent Stole. Made a face like this :open_mouth:


I accidentally, when doing a grind around my head, slipped my head through the slack loop and ended in a neck trapeze.


i was doing boingy boing a while back and landed in a ninja vanish a few times


This. Except that was when I was learning lacerations a long time back. I can lacerate/whip just about anything now.


Whenever I try to do Brent Stole I land in a hook. I’ve only landed it a couple of times.


Yes, very much so!
Also, since I posted this I’ve learned the Brent stole :stuck_out_tongue: I can get it almost everytime now :slight_smile:


I have tried to do a laceration, but ended up in a triangle whip many times.


I’ve come up with some super awesome stuff that was accidental. the problem is I don’t know how to do it again because I don’t know what I did wrong in the first place lol


When trying to do a wrist mount, I did a green triangle with two loops. Not triangles, but loops.


oh yeah i have done that before!


Landed in a reverse brent stole when trying to do some other whip.


Accidently did a double brent stole on my dead mighty flea ;D
I was trying to do a laceration, because it’s awesome landing one on a dead yoyo, and it got in the brent stole and I flipped out!


That’s sweet! It must be hard to land a laceration on a mighty flea, must less when it’s dead, those things are tiny!


i cant tell you how many accidental tricks ive done… adn there always awesome and i can never recreate them!


Sometimes when I throw a Brent Stole, I’ll get a reverse GT (have to cross my arms to present)


I get that too sometimes


I accidentally whipped into a magic dropknot when just whipping the string and flailing it about in random patterns.


I have a trick that I keep acciently landing. It’s a tower laceration/whip that, while I can do it enough times, I don’t know the exact technique behind it. It’s so odd!