Tricks you can never land again.


So I was fooling with slack and GT, and I landed some tricks that made me feel all godly. These tricks include a regular Brent Stole into a crossed armed GT and a double Ninja Vanish into a crossed armed GT. Share your experiences where you land a trick that you may never land again.


In the past few days when trying to do reverse brent stole, I’ve come up with this really weird but slightly cool formation where it’s kind of like the way a red triangle is, except with a few twists in it that make it so you can’t drop it. I’ve yet to figure out how I’m doing it, or if it’s even worth trying to figure out, because it seems kind of like a worthless trick…


I landed a cross armed ninja vanish today and can’t do it again. Idk how it happened, I was trying to figure out that trick on the cabin tutorials.


Brent Stole.


Finger grind to thumb grind to palm grind, then somehow I popped it up and landed in a gt


Spirit bomb… I really need help on those pops


Yesterday I hit a laceration green triangle completely by accident. I even managed to get out of it and keep going. I spent the next couple of hours trying to duplicate it to no avail. Now I’m obsessed.

(kclejeune) #8

Like a boss… I can’t land the RT suicide haha


This. I’ve landed it more than once but never on purpose, I kind of know how to do it, but it’s more or less just always the result the whipping the string around. I landed Brent Stole a lot by accident when I was learning Hidemasa Hook way back when. I need to learn more whip tricks.


Yeah I landed Tyler’s I be a minute gt once, never to be seen again.

I did the trick, after watching tons of tutorials and never attempting it so the steps were like hardwired to my brain, I pick up my shaqlerstar and land it 1st try then I I immediately picked up my classic and tried it on my classic and did it again. 2weeks after that I am still trying to land spirit bomb but I keep losing spin -_-…

me neither XD, loop isn’t opening, couldn’t land regular suicide either, loop won’t open either. Try doing a hidemasa hook except one handed, on your throwhand,u could roll out to dismount, but I some how do it in where I would roll and end up in a cross armed gt


been trying to land a suicide out of brother mount then bind because it leaves you in an under mount. just perfecting it but the yoyo has to be pretty unresponsive or it will snap back

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I can land Suicides fine, it’s using the opposite hand that throws me lol


I can’t land Iwasawa Tower.

I’ve done it a couple of times but it’s a challenge.


I once pulled off a double suicide and I haven’t gotten it since


You’ll get it one day :slight_smile:
Suicides come and go with me. Whenever I throw I usually throw in a random suicide and see if luck will help me. Just try this, I’ve been fooling with it a slight bit- a suicide from a double trapeze.


Suicides were never a challenge for me. The only types I don’t land consistently are double and chopsticks, and I get those a good third of the time.


I can never land suicides they are terrible for me for some reason.


Landing suicides is all in your string tension and making sure you have good lighting.
I can get the end of White Buddah to bind but maybe once every 4 tries.


Follow, I did the trick once but I could never pull it off afterwards.


Suicides… After a few days of practicing, I can land gt suicides, rt suicides, and regular suicides most of the time now… if your stuck on regular suicides, remember string tension, also, pull away from the yoyo while it’s going over your throwhand… or u could try doing rt suicides, or gt suicides, like I did… in gt suicides the loop easily stays open, I got used to catching it easily, then I practiced my regular suicides, bam , now I could land them most of the time :slight_smile: