Accidental Tricks

Today i was doing jade whip i caught then tried popping it up into a trapeeze and suddenly i had a Brent stole triangle and i didn’t even do a whip! tell me if you have tried a trick and gotten something cool from it!

I’ve ended up getting a reverse double GT trying to do a reverse trapeze laceration.

I was ending kwijibo and landed kind of a ninja vanish but with the double or nothing wrap around my fingers

one time i was trying to do the trapeze laceration and landed in a green triangle. that was back when the green triangle was for leetzorz

I remember when I was trying Laceration a long time ago, and caught a Brent Stole.

once I tried to do a ninja vanish and it ended up as a double GT. I was extremely surprised ;D

Twice I’ve landed Iwasawa laceration trying to do 2.0

you were supposed to land a GT, thats why its called GT laceration/ brent strole.

I got a brent strole doing hidemasa hook.

Green Triangle Laceration and Brent Stole are two different tricks, just so you know.

Sometimes, I try to to a Brent Stole and land in a reverse triangle. It’s really cool/frustrating, because I wish I could do it on command.

no sir, brent strole and GT laceration are the same trick, they bothe are a whip that ends in a twisted gt.

i tried to do a laceration and somehow ended in a brent stole about half an hour ago.