OMG, I just landed a double brent stole!

That’s right! It was my first time doing it to. I was just messing around with my Brent Stoles and for some reason most of them were reverse Brent Stoles. Then I decided “Eh, what the heck” and did two whips. Bam! double Brent Stole perfectly! Stories of how you landed a trick that you were just messing around with on your first try please!

Hey great job! I know how you feel, the first time I landed a regular brent stole I was crying like a baby. I felt like I was on top of the world.

First time I ever tried to do a reverse trapeze laceration, I ended up doing a cross-armed double GT laceration.

Yeah, one of the first times I attempted Hidemasa Hook, I landed a Brent Stole. :smiley:

Once i was fooling around with laceration and I landed brent stole. I was so happy when I did it, even though i accidently droped it and got a knot.O0

one time i tried brent stole and got hidemasa hook

first time i did trapeze and his bro, it went around my wrist and got a triangle

One time I said to my friend, that I knew Brent Stole. And he was all like cool, and stuff. Then he asked me if I could do a double Brent Stole, so I tried it and landed a perfect double Brent Stole. Now I’m trying triples. O0

Note to self: Brent Stoles really tire out your arm.

When you keep trying a triple and failing. :stuck_out_tongue:

update: For some reason I can barely land a regular brent stole but I can land a double brent stole almost every time.