Surprise Brent Stole!?!


I was just trying to learn the Hidesema Hook. Its a pretty difficult trick to get used to and I’ve only nailed it once or twice in like 15 minutes. But just a minute ago I went to whip the string around my finger and I landed in a green triangle!

I threw a Brent Stole!

Well now I have to drop learning the Hook and harness my true power! MUHAHA!


they’re the exact same trick except for brent stole you miss the string farthest from you


Congrats! I remember when I was first learning that trick, it was really really hard. I felt like giving up multiple times. But then once you land it and understand how the trick works, it gets easier and easier. Then, you’ll be able to knock it out every single time!


I can land hook 70% of the time, but I still can’t get brent stole, ever. I have watched all the videos and i know how it works, never can get it. I did once try to do it behind my back and got it first try :stuck_out_tongue: Thats the only time I’ve ever landed it.


Just do it blindfolded. :smiley:


Yeah I’ll probably hit it then


Happened to me too and I was pretty shocked


Next time I see you, I’ll show you how it works. once you see how it works, its a lot easier


Yeah, I learned BS while practicing my Hooks. It’s one of those tricks that looks ridiculous and impossible on video, and if I hadn’t learned it on accident, I probably wouldn’t have learned it at all.


Awesome man! I learned it in a similar manner. Except I was actually just doing some sort of other laceration variation. And once I had gotten it once, I couldn’t not land it, haha!

But keep it up man!