Thanks Jrod!

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I really would like to publicly thank Jrod for the numerous boxes of goodies he has generously shipped to our school club. He has sent everything from string, yoyos, skill toys, counter weights, stickers, cards, bearings, tops, and even toys. It’s amazing how often times, these packages arrive, just as we are in need of the exact items the packages contain. It’s kind of spooky!

Thanks so much for all you do! Your thoughts, generosity and support are so appreciated, by so many.

Thanks for putting yoyos in the hands of kids!



X2 on that… Jason is such a great guy and always VERY gracious and helpful YYE is lucky to have him here!! Cheers my friend!!


Good stuff, Jason!



You guys are too kind. I’m just happy to be able to pass along some stuff that some kids will get some enjoyment out of. Kudos to you, skitrz, for the work you do with your club.


Well I hope skirtz can show this club cause if he’s teaching it it must be good.


Your the best J! :slight_smile:

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Nope this is not a necro! Jrod is still dropping goodies in the mail, supporting so many kids.

He has supplied us with string, yoyos, string, tops, string, bearings, string, a kendama, string, counterweights, string, stickers, string, trading cards, and if I didn’t mention it string! The boxes just show up unannounced!

We all really appreciate the support Jrod!

Thank you so very much!


WOW yeah that is truly amazing your yoyo club must be thriving!


I wouldn’t be surprised at how much of a fantastic person Jrod can be.