The awesome yoyo community!

Hello all! I just wanted to post this because someone very generous, which I have no idea who it was sent me a package with 100 orange kitty string and what I think was a mystery box that contained a hubstacked genesis an a shaqler star, I was homeless all summer and in a shelter until a few days ago and I am finally in a house, so this is just amazing! My younger brother also throws so I have him the kitty string, because it was the only thing on his Christmas list because of our money situation. The package also came with a note that said ā€˜from a friend, happy holidaysā€™ this is just so cool thank you to whoever did this and have a merry Christmas everyone! :slight_smile:



awww - the feels broo the feels. Whoever sent that is a great person & Im glad your situation is improving!!! If there is anything i can do for you let me know!


Wow, thatā€™s great. Whoever sent that stuff is a very awesome person.

Pmā€™d you!

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

Well played Santa.

Thats awesome but how did they get ur address exactly? Haha

Cool story. One member sent me a PM and stated that the yo-yo holder I make is his favorite. He sent me more than 70 bearings. They were assorted, CT, ceramicā€¦all kinds. I asked permission to put his name in a post back then, but he wasnā€™t too receptive to the idea. But, I completely understand. I do my best deeds without anyone knowing exactly what they are. Thatā€™s my favorite way to see it done.

He took these out of the stock throws, or they were otherwise swapped out. Iā€™m set for life. He knows who he isā€¦but thanks a ton :slight_smile: A pic of the bearing lot:

Wow wish that would happen to me I need bearings :stuck_out_tongue: And back to OP thatā€™s amazing hope you enjoy it!

That is amazing. Another reason why the yoyo community is the best 8)

Faith in humanity = restored

Wow! Haha

Good question!

I was wondering as well how he got your address!

This is rapidly turning from heart-wrenchingly beautful to slightly unsettlingā€¦

Stay safe Pudge. Lock your windows.

Well, I was thinking I gave a yoyo friend my address so he could visit, maybe he gave it out???


Anyone else find that kinda funny?