what yoyo related gifts have you givein?

Hey i was wondering, what yo yo related gifts have you given and who did you give them to(you don’t have to put there names you can put my friend, my brother,sister etc.) For example I have given my friend Ronnie a Legacy, 50 strings, and some yoyojam thin lube. Oh and the fact that I taught him everything he knows about yoyoing.well later.

keep it spinning

Mom: YoYoJam Kickside
Kim-Lan: Shims and a Bearing :smiley:
DocRobot: YoYoJam Hitman, YoYoFactory Velocity, and YoYoFactory PGM
André: YoYoJam Legacy
André: YoYoJam Jamboo
André: YYE Shirt, Mighty Flea, DM, and K-Pads, and many many stickers

samad, you gave them those or they were given to you?

Oh, sorry, I misinterpreted the threads purpose. Those were all given to me.

lol! thats what i thought! ;D those are some awesome gifts! how did andre give them all to you?

Chat Game Shows :wink:

I gave a yoyo to each of my 25 4th-grade students this year and last year.
I gave string and a bearing and yoyos (two Legacies and a PGM) to first and second place winners of two chat contests.
I gave my 4-year-old niece two yoyos, but she wasn’t really into them.
I replaced part of the axle (?) (that piece of metal that the bearing fits on) on a third-grader’s Mosquito when he lost the metal piece in the sand on the playground.
I gave string to that boy, two other third graders, and any of my students who needed it.
I sent string to the son of our substitute P.E. teacher. I never met her son, but I heard he was getting into his yoyo, so I wanted to support his interest.

Yesterday i gave some random kid like ten strings who came up to my work and started naming tricks and talkin yo with me and my friend. He has an old viper and like no strings left so we helped him out and told him to come up to our work anytime we’ll give him more.

whats a chat gameshow? ???

Thursday. Andre asks questions, you answer, person with the most wins. BTW, going off topic, but how do you take out an axle? And how can you strip it doing so?

I have given over 25 of my yoyos to beginners or people looking to get into harder tricks.

Don’t forget the Speed Maker you gave me :wink:

Anyway, I gave one or two yoyos to my friend because he didn’t have one and a few of my strings to him.

I wish I can give beginners stuff…

Haha Phiz, you’re such a kind person, and a good teacher!

I’ll be mailing a Stealth Fire to Staale (AKA killernor) shortly.

well what yo yo is it? if its a YYJ than simply get some pliers and turn the axle counter-clock-wise. other than that i don’t know much about others so i assume you just do the same thing. later.

keep it spinning

You can strip it because when you grip it with something similar as pliers, then the object you are gripping the axle with (like pliers) can smash down on the screws of the axle itself, therefore stripping it. So when you put it in your yoyo, it wont grip the other side.

I have given the gift of Awesomeness.

I given the gift of … Me Being On This Awesome Forum!

I have given my 7 year old son 4 yo-yos
I have sent out a few yo-yo leashes and string

I have recived a gift certificate to yoyoexpert and bought a t-shirt, a DM, shims, thin lube