Thanks for the support!

Our yoyo club at school is being taken over by the students. I’m hoping they will have the drive to keep it alive as I prepare to move on in life.

I really wanted to take the time to say thanks to those that have supported us with their kind words, donations, and great deals.

It all started with YYF. Ben and Hans you guys were so good to us, great yoyos, great deals, and so much extra string! You even threw in some prizes for the kids. Your generosity and assistance really helped us get started.

Duncan thanks for the ProFlys and the bulk rates. We were able to get yoyos into so many hands and homes.

Yomega thanks for sending us what you could. At the time you were making shipments to the soldiers in Iraq. We appreciated so much the yoyos we received but even more the commitment to the troops.

kdbams: What can I say, more than once you came to our rescue. The first time I met you on another forum, prior to YYE, and then you found me here and sent us more wonderful yoyos. A few of those have survived many years of play and I appreciate your contribution every time I see a student pick on up. Thank you, Thank you.

Stickman: The yoyos you sent us have found homes, really just pockets to live in. They go every where with the kids and have seen some real love. Thanks so much for caring about passing on the love of yo-yoing.

Jrod: Over the years, box after box, yoyos, kendamas, tops, strings, bearings, counter weights, stickers, cards, string, response pads, toys, and while doing all this you still managed to find time to pick on my lurker status. I thank you on behalf of the kids and as for myself, I hope to actually meet you in real life one day and shake your hand. You’re a good man regardless of what others have heard me say. :wink:

I know I’m missing others, many of you might have made contributions at another time, through another forum, and I appreciate each and every one of you.

I also would like to thank YYE providing a safe environment where we can all meet, regardless of age and differences, share ideas, and learn. It’s been a great place for the kids to get a start.

Yoyoing is something personal, but it’s still best shared, so that others can experience the joy of a toy on a string.

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