A true life story about kdbams

A while back kdbams contacted me and asked if I was in need of some yoyos for our school club. I had met her on another forum, at the time she donated many wonderful used yoyos, and was surprised she had found me here at YYE. Of course a yoyo club can always use more yoyos so she sent the club a package.

It arrived today! 5 new yoyos, some string and some stickers!

Kdbams, I really appreciate your generosity and the kids are going to be so excited. Your kindess has already touched so many kids and this package will only add to the postive experience of so many students. I wish I could convey how valuable such a donation is, to so many.

Applause, applause, and many thanks.



I wish are school had a yoyo club

You should start one!

Awesome on you, kdbams!

I’m not surprised by this. I bought an original Speeder from her a few months ago. Excellent and generous in every regard.

Thanks, guys! It is a pleasure to be part of this community… :slight_smile:

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