Thank You YoyoJam

This past US Nationals I purchased a Deja Vu from the YoyoJam booth. I’m not sure if it was the dry Las Vegas weather or what happened, but within a week both of the wooden halves on the Deja Vu developed cracks that split all the way through the wood. I did not hit the yoyo on anything, it was not user error, it simply happened. I contacted YoyoJam’s customer service from their website and without question they told me they would exchange the yoyo for a similar yoyo. I mailed them the cracked Deja Vu on Saturday 10/19. Today, Wednesday 10/23, I received my replacement Deja Vu in the mail. The yoyo was accompanied by a letter apologizing for the inconvenience and stating that if there are any further problems to let them know. Not only did that, but they replaced my Deja Vu with one made of a harder wood that will hopefully hold up to Las Vegas’s dry heat and be more crack resistant. Their thoughtfulness went above and beyond what I was hoping for.

I know the yoyo community typically has outstanding customer service but I just wanted to publicly acknowledge how great and helpful YoyoJam has been. Great company. I’ve bought their products for years and I will continue to do so.



Always nice to hear I’m bummed still waiting to get my xlr8 so this post makes me hopeful!

Wow. I would have figured those would have been one-offs and not replaceable. Odds are one of the few was sent your way. I’m glad this had a happy ending. I was debating buying a Deja Vu at Nationals, but I didn’t due to wanting to spend the cash on something else. I think I might skip this one though. I like the concept of a wood covering, but I think I’d rather just go metal, plastic or metal/plastic.

YoYoJam has exhibited to me nothing short of amazing customer service, ensuring we’re pleased with our choices and purchases. When a company backs up their product like that, you know they are a great company. Talk about fast turn-around!

YoYoJam is not alone in this type of behavior. They are, in my experience, among the best in customer service.

I luv yew jojoyam <3