Thank God.

Fetus crew dying was the reason I stopped yoyoing. Now that they’re back and summer’s here, I’m going full fledged-yoyo-every-day-all-day superman mode. It’s a huge shame we won’t be seeing any more Jensen, he is my main role model for yoyoing, and talking to him was always really interesting. That aside, everyone enjoy their summers.

you quit yoyoing because some “crew” stopped making videos?

I don’t care about anything else in the yoyo scene, honestly. No company teams inspire me at all other than maybe CLYW.

I was thinking the same thing. Someone stopped because someone stopped making videos?

I’ll say this. I’m very lucky for finding the YYE site. Back in May, 2011, I decided to take up yoyo. I bought the yoyos at Toys R Us after doing minimal research. I quickly discovered I was going to need more help, and fortunately I landed here. I was also determined to give this yoyo thing a real effort. I mean, there’s so much stuff out there, if YYE didn’t have it or I never found it, I’d have found other resources. Well, I have found additional resources. But, no single site has been my “one stop” for learning. There are many places I go to to learn and find motivation for pushing forward, although honestly, I don’t need a push to keep going.

I do thank YYE’s site and resources though for helping me get to where I am. I am happy that it’s gotten me to the point where I’m NOT satisfied with learning on my own via videos. It’s pushed me to create a yoyo meet. It’s pushed me to reach out and make contact with people who I can talk to and get jobs like do sound at yoyo contests. It’s lead me to things like YoLex, which is another meet and is learning oriented. As a result, I’ve met really amazing people like Dr. YoYo, JD, Andre, theroybit, stephosh, Jayyo, Elephark and many others(Sorry, the list is big and I’m not intentionally leaving anyone out). Not to give extra props, but I am inspired by Jayyo just because he can play the 5 major styles and watching him throw it down on the stage at contests, well, I’d like to be able to do that. Special thanks to Elelphark for taking 5 minutes and giving me some looping pointers, which helped get me over that hurdle. While looping is still not great, it’s coming along much further than I would have gotten on my own.

And then thanks to a contest in general. I get one of the most amazing seats in the house running sound and seeing some of the best in the community! Now that’s inspiration!

After my initial yoyo failures as a child, I always wanted to yoyo. I’ve FAR surpassed my expectations. No, wait, that’s not true. I keep raising the expectations: Oh, I can do that? Well, then time to learn another trick… stuff like that.

As I believe, true motivation comes from within. You have to want to do this on your own. That’s not to say to not seek motivation or inspiration from outside sources, sometimes it gets you over that bump in the road. But the fact that you seek out such motivation or inspiration also shows that internal fire is still burning.

Do not let any ONE person or source be a factor.

I can see where you’re coming from, but honestly, yoyo for you, not to be like jensen or anyone else. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a role model in something, and jensen’s a great guy, but don’t quit just because his crew stopped making videos.

I would say more, but studio said it pretty dang well. haha

I think you guys have it wrong. I yoyo for myself, it’s just I haven’t made anything new because I lacked inspiration.

Perhaps I phrased myself wrong, I understand the confusion.

I also yoyo for myself, Hence, the drive and motivation. I find or make my own inspiration when I need it. I’m not going to let any ONE person, group or site take that from me.

Wait what do you mean you won’t be seeing any more jensen?

he said he’s done with yoyos

There are lots of inspiration out there, though. Lots of more great players from around the world. Yeah, it’s not the same guy who ate a Subway sandwich for 6 minutes or tokin’ that good stuff that can’t be mentioned here but don’t wait for inspiration. Seek for it. It’s much better if you get your stuff from different places. :]

Good luck.

Oh wow I never heard about this. Did he say why or is there any reason?

Try focusing on what Jensen did, not what he didn’t do.Personally, I have no end of respect for all that Jensen has accomplished. Judging him on any other level is simply wrong. Remember, as we all pass from juvenile to adulthood, things can get tough when it comes to choices.

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Jensen is to yoyos like Tiger is to golf, Jordan is to basketball, Gretsky is to hockey etc. etc. Look at what an impact he put on the yoyo community. Pretty amazing. Almost any thread on him gets locked. Look out for Steve Brown!

Jensen moved on, you should too. :wink:

What does that mean?

Apparently you missed the memo…