TF2 Server?

Hey there guys/gals,

Did a quick search but nothing came up, just wondered if anyone would be interested in a YYE Team Fortress server? I’d be willing to support it myself, just want to know if people would play on it or do we not have a strong population of TF2 players…

If anyone doesn’t play it, I’d be more than willing to help people become good player since I used to play competitively, though never on a team(like a mercenary).


For those of you not in the know Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a (now) free online first person shooter developed by Valve famous for the Half Life series and the digital distribution service Steam. Don’t be fooled by the FPS side of it. It is nothing like it’s Call of Duty and Battlefield counterparts, it is classed based with a rather unique art style. It is better though to see it on YouTube and for yourself rather than me explain it though.

I’d play.

I’d play. Start putting up Steam ID’s. :slight_smile:

Okay I have created a YYE steam group,

Access other players though here would be best I think…

As the OP pointed out, this game separates itself from modern shooters. And when he says class-based, he does not mean it the way that Battlefield does it. We are talking about 9 widely different classes to the point where you have to aim in a different manner for almost every class. Every single class can also be played in more than one way with the varied loadouts that you eventually gather up.

The game is a lot of fun and it has this very quirky side to it. It uses most of Half Life 2’s core files, so if you haven’t got HL2 you’re in for a slightly large download.

I’ll just share my steam ID here so people can add me:

We got steamgroup woohoo!

Exactly, while in Call of Duty or Battlefield (since these are the most popular casual shooters) an entire team can use an assault rifle, sub machine gun or even sniper and still win whereas in TF2 you need class separation. For example two soldiers, two scouts, demoman and a medic is considered the best 6v6 set-up since there is a perfect mix of damage and support.

If you have never played it give it a go it can be very daunting at first so don’t instantly feel disheartened. It’s a bit like yoyoing, fun to do and takes alot of practice to be very good.

Count me in.

Might be a little rusty, I just started again the other night after two years of absence.

I would definitely play on a YYE server. I play tf2 all the time, mostly on pony fortress servers.

That’s harsh, considering all the new stuff that has been added.

Yeah, and I was never any good to begin with, hahaha.

id deff be down to play

steam id : gorillaz922

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I am looking into different server companies however I am not sure whether enough people will play is the only thing so I will probably get a one month server, for a trial see how many people play. We also will get a chat server whether it be mumble, teamspeak or ventrillo.

Also, since everyone is from different parts of the world, I am not quite sure where the dedicated server would be. I am thinking either east coast USA or London. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

My steam ID is 11hour. Hit me up.

General_Porpoise here, come destroy me, but be careful, my friends are pretty good.

If that doesn’t work, try

I’m in the group. Hooray!

We have a few people in the group now, 7 to be exact (including me).

Still not sure where to place the server though, North America or Europe, since that is where most of the community resides, sorry Asia, Africa, Australasia and South America.

I’ll be getting a 24 slot sever since one it is cheaper and 32 is a bit messy and loses the “team” aspect I feel.

Your call, I’d say. I look forward to playing with all of y’all!

I think I’ll try a London server first since US connections are generally stronger I believe so you might have an easier time connecting here rather than vice versa. Though after a month I’ll switch to a US server and see how that goes.

Please remember, this game is rated M. If you are under 17, please get parental permission before associating yourself with our group.