Team fortress 2 thread


Also: add me on steam if you play at augmented loyalty



That’s all.


That’s all the need be said.


I stopped playing after my favorites got wiped. :frowning:


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I back up Medic on a competitive TF2 team. I’m also a solid Pyro and Demo, and I have a lot of hours logged on scout.

Yeah, the game is a lot of hats, but gameplay is what makes it sooo great. If you guys ever wanna talk strategy/ how to get better, I can surely help. I love TF2 because there are just so many facets of gameplay.

I’m 11hour on steam, by the way.


I want to get back into TF2, I have about 40 hours logged on Scout, and I remember shotgun jockey Pyros giving me problems, any tips? They are the only class besides Engi that can shut me down in pubs.

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When I pub against a team that has stacked pyros, I equip the Madmilk or the Candycane (or both). When you take on a pyro with that set equipped, back up, get as much damage as you can out of their range.
Then stop, jump over them, and let loose with your Scattergun. Don’t worry about taking a puff of flame, you have the milk for that, just try to avoid getting doused in the fire. any more than three seconds in their flamethrower will wreck you. Once you have yours shots taken, the pyro should be dead and there ill be a nice healthpack sitting there waiting to kill your afterburn.

Alternatively, you can always just learn how far to stay away from the pyro in order to totally negate his flamethrower. In a straight gunfight, you should ALWAYS be able to kill pyro, or any other shotgun wielding class. The Scattergun is a straight upgrade to the shotgun, and the scout is hard to hit.

If you ever wanna practice scout with me, hit me up. I’m down for some duo scout.


Thank you. What about Reserve Shooter Pyro, I can’t do much to them on certain maps and locations, unless I am playing ground Scout?


I play I usually play demo cause demos boss!

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They have 3 shots, you have 6. You can make them miss easily.

Not to mention, you should never be taking classes on head-to-head as a Scoot. You should be flanking and fooling. What maps do you play?


Payload exclusively. The problem, is competent Pyros can catch you with airblast if you jump a lot (I do). After that, I either get flare punched or flurried to death.

(Q) #13

Again, it goes back to knowing your range and your ability. As a scout, you should be facing people’s backs, not their fronts. You should also be well out of their range when you engage them (Pyros at least).

Payload offers alot of options for scout on both sides. The backfield is your friend


I Play Spy, Demo, or Pyro pretty much. I’m best at demo and Spy, as I have 154.3 hours on Spy, and 91 on Demo as of right now.
Current Demo Set:
S. Loch and Load
S. Sticky Launcher
Ullapool Caber

Current SPy Set ups I use:

  1. S. Le’tranger
    S. Deadringer
    Your Eternal Reward
    Familiar Fez (Set Hat)
    Red Tape Recorder

  2. S. Diamond Back
    S. Big Earner
    Invisi Watch
    Red Tape Recorder

Current Pyro Loadouts I use:

  1. Silver Bitkiller FLamethrower
    S. Flare Gun
    S. Axtinguisher

  2. Degreaser
    S. Reserve Shooter
    S. Powerjack
    Attendant (Set Hat)

I love my TF2…So much fun.


I mostly play Spy. Fun stuff.

And Pyro.


It isn’t pocket Pyros that mess me up, just roaming Pyros.


Never thought I’d be here a couple months before, but I’m addicted to this game now.

I main Pyro and Spy. I’m selling my Ministar to buy earbuds. Oh god I hate myself.


Speaking of TF2 and buds…I finally unboxed a number 7 crate given to me…And I got my first Unusual. The Demo’s Tavish Degroot Experience with Haunted Ghosts effect. great demo hat (Jimi Hendrix hat, tbh) And my buddy looked it up. 5 to 6 buds. So I’m a happy man, and it ain’t leaving my hands…ever. It’s like your first metal yoyo, most peeps keep them. I know I kept my og Yomega Maverick. even if that bearing is hard to replace. I need to email them to get a new one. Eventually. But I got an Unusual! Nee ner nee ner neee nerrr!


I got my first unusual too, but not through unboxing about 2 weeks ago. Man, this game is so fun!


It’s still my go to Parody of FPS game. in Saxton Hale mode I go these:
Serious Butt Hurt
'Nilla Invis Watch
Loch and Load
Ulapool Caber
Scottish Resistance

Trollololol Time:
Direct Hit
Gun Boats
Equilizer (Damage boost, not Escape Plan)

Pyro (trolls, but still good for me to be serious with)
Back Burner
Flare Gun

Engineer: (UBER TROLL on hilly maps)
Southern Hospitality
Frontier Justice
Short Circuit. And that’s why lose at Saxton ale mode… I try too hard to have fun. XD