Post your Steam Names or links. I mostly play Team Fortess 2, so Mann Up ladies!
I play competitive 9v9 Highlander, my team plays at UGC Steel Series.

Just made an account. 12tbc12. No games yet.

Get Team Fortress 2, soldier.

Mccando is muh steam name

I used to be on steam, and still am, sort of. I only play Terraria, and my name is anchovies11.
What is your steam name Jordan?

Ehhh it has special characters. I’ll post my profile link soon.

Plays tf2 soon gonna get newer games cause steam summer sale

Steam name: DJ Rusty shackleford


Here let me help you:

Steam has a wide selection of games that are FREE. Also, Steam summer sale will be kicking off in not too long, you might be able to get some insanely cheap games there.

Also, I can’t find your profile. Make it public/searchable or post a direct link to your profile on here (you do that by logging in through your browser). I’m asking of this because I need to add you as a friend to send you stuff :wink:

EDIT: Forgot to add this:

TamOcello. Hit me up for some Warframe, Worms (Armageddon, but also have Reloaded), Defcon, and Shootmania Storm (Joust).

I finally joined YYE’s Steam Group. I mostly play Borderlands 1 and 2, both Metro games, and various other FPS/RPGs.

Having fun selling old useless TF2 items on the marketplace to purchase more useless Dota 2 items!

Amazing feature.

hi my account name is wompa3 i play hirez studios global agenda on steam and i used to play terraria
i dont know how to join the yye steam group please tell me ;D

Rare900, pyro reporting for duty! But my computer can’t even run tf2 it is a bad computer:(

The Mad Doughnut

I think mine is the flying teabag. I only have TF2

11hour and//or Amayon94

Tf2 mostly. Always game for some MvM.

Change your Steam name to “Grand Poobah”. Please man? Do it for me!

I’m known by 11hour. League players know me as 11hour. my mother knows me as 11hour. I will not upset my mother to appease you.

Steam has a yoyoexpert group?

My name is hippo_samurai, and I play TF2 and Warframe. I’ll get Planetary Annihilation when the price drops, because that game looks awesome.

I also play a LOT of Tribes Ascend, and a little Smite. If you haven’t heard of Tribes Ascend, look it up. It’s THE fastest paced first person shooter on the market right now.

I’m sorry Grand Poobah, please forgive my inferiorness. Shower me with your infinite wisdom and I may then reach enlightment.