Team Fortress 2

Anyone here interested in Team Fortress 2? I’m an avid player…and I sometimes make videos.

And yeah, I get really hyper when playing TF2…

We have a YYE group on Steam ( Most people on there do play TF2. I happen to be an admin of that group, don’t really know how that happened though.

Dude, I just got off TF2, I love the game so much. I prefer Spy and Snipe-snipe, but I am best with demo (First class I played, and only one I played for a year.)

Yeah I’ve been in that group awhile…we should all get a game going.

And JonasK, i just joined it right now. I am Captain Terror, so just letting you know

Okay, thanks. And I’m Draldeld.

Is that a name made to be unique, or is it an actual reference? Just wondering, I’m not the most knowledgable person here, but I am close. lol

I made the group and tried to get people to play but I live in Europe and it is hard to come by European players here. :frowning:

I still player TF2 though I avoid pubs now since I play for an ETF2L team though I’d be happy to play with you guys. :smiley:

I’s pretty sure it’s unique, I mean they had Team Fortress Classic, and now Tf2.

So you’ve been through the whole thing. Nice, I only played TFC on my friends pc, much harder to get down (imo) and become pro-ish.

I’ve actually never played TFC, it seems really low quality and hard to play.

Me and my dad played tf2 on the ps3 and we got so good that we were ranked 1 and 2 in the world for about 6 or7 months.

How did you find your ranking…did you do UGC Highlander and win? Also what is your Steam name?

It was part of a game called oarange box. It had ea servers.<-----you. It’s easy to fib on the Internet.

That’s what I was thinking…there’s no legit way to know you’re the best unless you win a huge tournament like UGC Platinum.

What do you mean? Tf2 is run by Valve.

Don’t believe me if you want too. The online servers are EA,the same servers as battlefield 3. On the ps3. Not lying no joke. They took your kills/death/points. They took all of that data and placed you on the rankings, and me and my father were # 1 and 2. Not talking about steam, I’m tlking about a Playstation 3.

Dude, the ps3 version has never been updated with new items for a few years. Nobody plays the game on ps3 or xbox, because it’s free on pc. Also, you can’t be ranked and if so have two players on one screen.

Anyway, here’s me being a fail medic back in my beginning days.  Before Stranges…and Before Mann Co.  lol

You don’t think i don’t know that. We played back when there were a lot of people on the ps3 version because the pc version wasn’t out yet.