TF2 Server

YoyoExpert now has it’s own TF2 server and Mumble Server. These are hosted in New York, so anyone wondering about ping, I live just outside of London, UK with a decent internet and have a ping of 60-120ms. Very playable, especially for casual players.

Mumble: Password: “YoyoExpert” (no quotes, case sensitive)

TF2 and Steam are downloaded from here:

Mumble is downloaded from here:

YoyoExpert Steam Community:

Any problems please contact me on here or on Steam.

Great! Hope to see everybody on :smiley:

Also, if anybody cares. I’m admin on a really awesome trading server called AP3’s Trade Jungle. Check it out.

Sadly being in the UK most people will be on when I am asleep. :smiley:

Unfortunately, whenever I try to add the server to favorites it shows up in the ip address list but not on the favorites list. Is there any way to directly connect to a server with the ip?

Open the dev console, google it if you don’t know how, and type "connect ". No quotes.

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Okay guys I am going to be on for the next 2-3 hours if anyone wants to join

NICE! YYE Mumble server. I’m already using mumble to communicate with several groups of people. I will get on mumble the instant I get back from my easter trip in Denmark. Hope a lot of people join in on this, will be fun!

Sadly, I live in Singapore, and you’ll all be probably asleep by the time I log on.

Anyone who is anyone will come play TF2 now!

I will be on TF2 the moment I get to my desktop, which is about 8 PM (CEST) on Monday. I am currently using my laptop on a boat (I’M ON A BOAT!) slowly wiggling its way to Norway.