Tested out my new custom homemade product lighting box thing

Blues Crew

Could you take a picture of the setup perhaps? Looks very good though!

Awesome job!

I’ll get pictures of the set-up tonight. I have to do some fixing on it.

your pictures look top notch.!

jealous of the blue next level :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Here’s the set-up. Very basic and simple, a single flash mounted on camera bouncing at the ceiling.

That’s neat! Very simplistic too!

Added some new shots.

Those are really nice

You too can do this…

How to Make An Inexpensive Light Tent

How to Create an Inexpensive Photography Lightbox

How would you compare the play of the Next Level and Space Cowboy?

Two very different shapes and feel. However the Space Cowboy is much better on everything. Spin times, smoothness and stability, ease of doing tricks, etc. My Space Cowboy feels like it plays better than the price whilst the Next Level feels like it under-performs for the $125 price tag.

The Nifty on the far left of the picture, that performs better than the Next Level as well and it is significantly cheaper. I only bought the Next Level because my local yoyo store had a huge sale at the time and I took advantage of that and bought the Next Level for about only… I don’t remember exactly, but to take a guess, it’d be $75?