Terrible timing...


So the day after I ordered a new Toxic Hazmat I broke my humerous sledding. Now i wont be able to throw for at least 4-5 weeks and I’ll have that new throw just taunting me the whole time. Anybody else have an injury preventing them from yoyoing?


In case anybody’s wondering…

(⛷) #3

Psssssss… (in case you didn’t know, you have two. Yo with the other arm.) :wink:

Sorry to hear about your arm. :’( I hope the sled is in good conditon. ;D

(Owen) #4

That’s kinda humorous.



learn to throw left handed. :wink:
then when your arm heals, you’ll probably even be able to do 3a with moderate ease


Not to be confused with the funny bone!!:stuck_out_tongue:
But seriously just throw with your other arm. Work on your 2a also.


Do 0a on your nondominant hand.


Where did you get a hazmat? Sell it to me? Then it won’t taunt you :slight_smile:


Ya im probabily gunna be doing a lot of plastic whips this month. And yes it is quite humerous XD I’m definately not selling the Hazmat though. I grabbed the last blue lithium colorway off YYE so im definately not getting rid of that for awhile.


Just learn how to throw with your other hand that or learn how to a trapeze with someone’s foot!


Whoa! I just saw that I do have two! I should try throwing with it. :slight_smile: