Terrapin X Wing vs Delta

I know there are pieces of this topic sprinkled here and there. However I was curious if anyone had experience with the hybrid ceramic version of these two Terrapin X bearings, wing vs delta.

It seems like the wing is similar to the delta but far less extreme. To me it seems like there are advantages to it being very close to a flat bearing and slightly centering. I know YYT compared some and went with this type of design for thier new throwback arcade.

I am fond of the 10 ball flats and can underatand bemefits of centering as well. So the wing seems like a smart compromise. As @French pointed out in my other post, the bay has them direct for a decent price and apparently a $5 dollar off coupon. Unfortunately YYE does not have the wing.



Wings are basically flats


As Andy said, the Wing is basically flat, the Delta is very pronounced. In the picture you can see the difference in profile, the wing is on top, delta on the bottom. The left side of the picture shows the shape of the outer race of the bearing.

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