Flat Ceramic

Does anyone make a flat ceramic bearing? Im also wondering if anyone makes anything similar to the ver 1 crcial bearing where its grooved but not kk

The VsNewton TiWalker’s originally shipped with a flat ceramic… but it locked up on me in the first week. Switched to a regular Crucial Grooved v.2 and the yoyo played way better than with the flat ceramic…

Terrapin X Chrome X ceramic comes to mind.

YoYoExpert C-sized flat ceramics is another.

That’s all I can come up with.

If you’re looking for a grooved, consider the Trifecta. Less concave than a Crucial, but still not flat. It’s not ceramic either.

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Have a trifect and it is great! i dont remember ever seeing a yye ceramic bearing

the yoyoexpert ceramic is what you should look at. I cant thing of any flat grooved but if you look at the werrd 4xl it has 2 bearings that come together and form a groove

The YoYoExpert ceramic is in the list of drop down options here: http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/186/YoYoExpert-Bearings

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Thank you so much guys!

Most first time TX wing buyers think I sent them the wrong bearing, they look flat and they play like a flat bearing, except the string layers stay centered.

I guess i never realized how shallow the angle was on them. are the outter races cut shallow enough i could stick 2 in my 4xl and theyd play fine?

I do special Wing cut beefcake bearings for the 4xl.
Gets rid of that string snagging groove.

You’re just making me have to pad my order larger…

You’re killing me! I need two of those(I have a TFL and 4XL), and 2 hubstack bearing kits and might as well order another pair of wing cuts at the same time!

I remeber seeing you made a beefcake set but the only one i ever saw in your ebay store was the size a beefcake set. do you stil make the c size? if so could you pm me a link?

Just PM John directly and ask him. He’s fast to respond and can provide you whatever information you need.

I do them special order in S/C ceramic or steel, not to many so I don’t list them.
They spin longer then regular beefcake because you don’t get the torsional force causes by the string in the notch.

Yes PM me…