Had a request for Wing Cut "Beefcake" bearings....

Each bearing received 1/2 of a wing cut. Set the maximum center depth at .009in.
Just gotta polish em and play…wonder how they’ll work

dude, that’s amazing!

What exactly is going on here? Is it just that the gap between bearings is minimalized or am I seeing a slope to the center. I can’t tell if my eyes are playing tricks, so excuse the fact that I don’t really see anything right from the get-go. Clarification would be sweet :wink:

I think theres a small gap in between and a slope.

small slope. It’s basically the same as the wing cut, which has a slight v shape on the bearing :slight_smile: Only now, it’s half that, so it’s beefcaked into this :slight_smile:

It was done for a werrd 4xl that has a 4.57mm. gap. The cut on each bearing starts 2.6mm from center. It’s actually more parabolic then a V. The normal wing cut is .003in. at it’s deepest but I went to .009 eliminating the rounded edge of the bearing and the groove it caused.
I sent it off and emailed a link to this topic. Perhaps we will hear first hand how it plays.

Just got the 4XL yesterday. Hoping the Bearings will be hear today. I’m pretty excited. Will let you know as soon as I do.

The custom finish on this one is much nicer than I expected. I can’t bing myself to strip it. Got to get anotherone. So I can do the ano job I got planned.

I’m looking forward to your report.
Next time we’ll do them with the S/C bearings

Email from red yoyos:

“Hey man got them they play great. Like to do them In S/C and maybe a slightly Deeper groove. little more noticible type thing. but it does center the string great.
Would also like a few regular bearings S/C as well for a few other throws.”

Hey people sorry I been MIA. That work thing got in teh way again.

These Bearing are simply amazing. Super spin speed/time. The String centeres Perfectly Every time.

Never get the bunching like a KK or Center Trac can cause. The A bearing in teh Jimmy Hats actually made the Vibe a bit less when using them from the standard bearings as well.

Extremely Impressed with the Project. Cant wait to get those S/C ones. and then the Custom Ano Job.

Pictures will be up as soon as the Project is complete.

Thanks again John,

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Really look forward to photos when you are done man! I’d love them on the Werrd blog

Just had to send the stack bearrings along to give you the full effect.
Glad you liked them.

no Problem Skip, soon as I get it back I’ll pm you and get you the picks. If your interested Id be willing to Ship it off to you to try it out for a bit, maybe make a Video with it, give your Review of it. See what it can really do in the Hands of a Pro. :slight_smile:

At Robs request, to make the cut more visible, the S/C ceramic beefcake bearings were cut to a center depth of .018in. Shown to the right (red dot) is a standard TX wing cut bearing. (The thickness of my pinkie fingernail is .021)
NOTE: these bearings were not pressed together. The space between the bearings is inaccurate & sorry for the shop rag dust.

I should have some info for you on those bearings you sent me soon.

Sick forgot to send funds will get on that asap

Payment Sent. Thanks again John. Those look awesome cant wait.