Questions about the new Terrapin X Delta Cut

Hey everyone, I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post this, but I have been doing some searching online for some info regarding the new Terrapin X Delta Cut bearings in the store and I can’t find anything at all about them. Does anyone know what they are or the difference between those and the wing cut or flat ones?

Delta cut is a a bigger v more like a Buddha whipple.

The wing cut plays like a flat but it has a tiny groove to center it initially.

The delta is a straight V. :slight_smile:

Ok cool, thanks a lot. I’m trying to decide between the wing cut and the delta cut, right now I use a twisted trifecta in both my main throws. Which would be more similar to a trifecta? I like string centering bearings but I don’t want it to be too extreme. Is the quality the same for the delta as it is with the flat or wing cut? They’re quite a bit cheaper

Delta is more similar. Same quality. Sounds like u want the delta.

Trifectas are the most extreme centering available. If you already like those, you can only go “less extreme” from there. :wink: Delta shape is good. The straight “V” (instead of “U”) is the best of both worlds, IMO. I haven’t tried the Terrapin one (nor will I ever), but I’ve tried the Whipple and it’s great.

You could check out the recent review:,70402.0.html

Awesome, thanks for the help guys. I’m going to order one of the ceramic delta cuts :-*

ceramic buddha whipples are just $10, almost the same thing

Yes, you can get cheaper bearings for less.

You can also get metal yoyos for a $1. :slight_smile:

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Ur bearings are obviously higher quality but if he wanted to try one out for much cheaper it’d still perform well and let him know if he liked it or not.