How is the Terrapin X Delta cut compares to a KK bearing??

Anyone tried the delta cut or something similar in shape?? The Delta cut’s shape is quite unique, I never see any bearing look like this before, and the KK bearing everyone gives positive comments, it’s really hard for me to choose between this two or should I buy both of them? I am a 5a player and my yoyo always tilt during freehand yo-yoing :frowning:

This is a review done a while ago on the steel 10 ball Delta,70402.0.html

Wow! It’s the legendary fjh123!! I am going to buy a bearing for 5a specific use, does the delta cut work well in 5a play? Personally I love your bearing so much as it don’t require any lubing. Personally my yoyo tilt a lot but the centre trac doesn’t help much, I am going to buy one KK and one delta cut and try them out.

Any bearing with a concave will help for 5A. so says Jake Elliot .

I know but the V shape of a delta cut is quite extreme case for a concave, I just don’t know if it will affect 5a or not but anyway I think I should buy both KK and Delta in order to make a comparison.

Yoyo tilts is because of the player, no bearing can fix that.
Can you tilt your yoyo on purpose? because it’s essential in literally any division.
To answer your question, basically any bearing of any shape is good as long as it’s maintained properly.

Sure I can tilt it on purpose or correct a tilted yoyo but I would love to have a string centering bearing :stuck_out_tongue:

The Delta has a sleight V cut that will always keep the string centered in any form of play.
They come in steel and ceramic 10 ball types. Glad you like Terrapin X, thanks